#Always Time to Smoke

😎Custom Design😎

Let me start by saying, thank you! Thank you to everyone who visits and makes a purchase off my page. The support is very much appreciated. My BamWear1620 clothes are a mix of marijuana and the army. The idea came to me while I smoking one day talking my brother on the phone, who is in the army. Hence why I have the 1620, it means 4:20 on the clock. So, “0420-1620, Always time to smoke” was the perfect line to drop. My logo comes with a wide range of designs and a variety of color. I mainly do all pieces of clothing and some accessories. This gear is ideal for all the weed smokers and army fanatics. Now it’s all in one place, come shop with Bam!!

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Just text if you are wanting to use your own design. I will add it to any clothing you desire. Thank you guys!